Getting your Domain Name

You will want to choose a great domain name to go with your new website. Perhaps you already have one, but if not, head over to or another Domain Registrar and choose your domain name. Some tips on choosing a great domain name:

Go for .com

It is still the industry standard, and the one that “regular” people think of first. And if you get the .com version of your domain name, there is no need to also purchase the .info and .net versions – NO ONE has ever “accidentally” typed in .net or .info when looking for a business!

Avoid dashes if possible

You will find yourself spelling out your domain name over…and over…and over…and over!

Go for something easy to spell

And if your business name has alternate common spellings, consider purchasing both options

You can have more than one…

If you want the name of your business – like “” but also want “” go for it – we can make both domain names point to your new website.


We would recommend that you register your domain name yourself so that YOU are in the domain registry as the owner, but we will register a domain name for you if needed for an additional $25 annually.



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